ADD Art Design Details is combining creativity with technical know-how to produce furniture for contemporary life.
High quality furniture with a Vietnamese heritage, designed for modern city life. Highly crafted and highly sought after.

ADD is a family of craftsmen born and raised in the heart of Veneto Region. ADD produces contract furniture since 40 years with a solid background of refined artisanal precision. ADD believes in sustainability, in the care of details, in the passion for what we do.

ADD derives from the latin verb addere which means, indeed, to add. It is what we do every single day at our job, by adding art, design and care of the details to any product and any project. No matter it is serial production or unique pieces, ADD is able to transform drafts into real objects, ideas into reality.

ADD is familiar with post-consumer plastic materials as bottles, packaging and other sort of homeware. What they tend to ignore is post-industrial plastic. This material, to whom they are committed giving a new life, derives from faulty or broken industrial pieces, leftovers from mechanical production processes, which would otherwise be disposed on the environment. These recycled polymers, besides contributing to make manufacturing more sustainable, also give our products some stunning esthetic and functional features.