obodo’s exciting new collection of bentwood seating has been launched by Artifax. This timeless collection is made in Italy with the utmost attention to detail by local artisans.

Carefully manufactured to standards required for commercial use in the hospitality, Artifax bentwoods provide not only strength and durability but feature designs beyond the traditional bentwood models

The sinuous curves of bentwood chairs are synonymous with European cafe chic.

Each bentwood is made via curving the wood thanks to the effect of the heat and humidity provided by steam. This bend in the wood is formed without making joints, fittings or overlaps. It means giving the wood a form-ability that it does not possess naturally permanently locking the piece of wood into its new shape forever.

The selection of the best beech, the right percentage of humidity, the perfect temperature and the correct times of each single micro-phase gave rise to magic.

The result was a perfect blend of solidity and flexibility.

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Artifax – Luce Chair

Artifax – Muse Armchair

Artifax – Etro Chair

Artifax – Rosa Chair