The Commons QV

Name: The Commons QV, Melbourne VIC
Designer: Foolscap
obodo product: m.a.d Trace Stool, Artifax Pavesino chairs, m.a.d Circa Lounge
Photography: Willem-Dirk du Toit

Lazy Su

Name: Lazy Su, Canberra
Designer: Brandworks
Builders: Summerset Constructions
obodo product: m.a.d Transit stools, Maiori Huggy Stool
Photography: Ashley St George Photography

RAD London

Name: RAD London
Designer: Egg Group
obodo product: m.a.d Sling Chair, m.a.d Sling Stool and m.a.d Transit Chair
Photographer: Daniel swallow

Workstories Office

Name: Workstories Office
Designer: Workstories
obodo product: m.a.d Platform Stool, m.a,d Platform Lounge Chair, m.a,d Lolli Stool
Photographer: Tom Fallon

Red Baron

Name: Red Baron
Designer: Turco Associates
obodo product: Artifax Sander Chair, Nathan Yong Jade Stool
Photographer: Pew Pew Studio

Thy Thy Restaurant

Name: Thy Thy Restaurant
Location: Melbourne
Designer: Zwei
obodo product: m.a.d Sling Stool and Chair in Custom Colour
Photographer: Pete Dillion

Sax Institute

Name: Sax Institute Glebe
Builder: IPDA

Designer: Wool & Hay

obodo product: Artifax Nino Chair

Photography: Helen Ward

Edelman Office

Name: Edelman Office
Designer: McCormack Property Services
Architecture: Studio 103
obodo product: Elmo QiQi Lounge Chair, m.a.d Sling Lounge, m.a.d Duet Chair and Sipa table tops with Flat Table Bases
Photography: Aaron Pocock

Melbourne Airport

Name: Melbourne Airport HQ
Designer: Foolscap
obodo product: Maiori Huggy Low Stools, m.a.d Trace Stool
Photography: Tatjana Plitt & Peter Clarke

IVF Australia

Name: IVF Australia, Greenwich NSW
Designer: GMPO Constructions
obodo product: m.a.d Resonate Chair, m.a.d Transit Stool, Maiori Huggy Low Stools
Photography: obodo

Domain Chandon

Domain Chandon, VIC
Designer: Foolscap
obodo product: ma.d Sling Chair, Maiori Huggy Chair and Stool
Photography: Tom Blachford

Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures, Surry Hills, Sydney
Designer: The Bold Collective
obodo product: m.a.d Sling Stool and Chair, Maiori Huggy Stool
Photography: Andrew Worssam


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